WYRA - Our Vision

WYRA's education portal provides an optimised learning content to school students to help them enjoy learning, clarify their fundamentals and thus score better in their exams.

Students will be able to log-in and discover their proficiency in various concepts. They will first take a short diagnostic test to understand their level of proficiency, advance to higher levels on proving mastery through our study material, supplement their learning from the classroom using online video resources and take remedial action from revision notes if stuck. In addition to these basic learning steps, students will also be able to work on cbse sample papers, previous year's board papers, refer to textbook solutions and take mock tests. In addition, students will have access to counselors who will keep guiding them so that they are following the right steps to achieve better scores

In a nutshell, Wyra will assist the students at the following crucial steps where the child needs help: learning and fundamental building, homework help and exams.

In essence, the purpose of this web application is to:

  1. Provide a non-distracting learning environment to the student that aims to be both, usable and desirable.
  2. Provides a system that would, at every moment, focus the students' energy into engaging and interacting with study material.
  3. Is essentially 'alive' with respect to continuous feedback and activity.
  4. Allow the student to level-up as his competency in a concept, chapter and subject.
  5. Provide mock tests, online videos and revision notes to help the student in practice.
  6. Provide access to immediate homework help exactly when its needed.

Parents can purchase the necessary study material package for their children and will be able to monitor the usage and progress. Parents will also get regular updates from Wyra counselors regarding their childen's study and academic performance on mock tests. Wyra education portal will help parents to:

  1. Provide them with a way to save them time with respect to teaching their children Help them monitor their children's' progress and keep them in the loop.
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