How our education portal works


Upon opening the web site, a Dashboard will be visible. For students, it provides a time-stamped timeline of student's activity like the Facebook Timeline. Student interaction with the web app will be marked on a simple timeline. The parents will be able to see an accurate progress report of their child upon logging in to the Dashboard.

The timeline is going to load the activities based on data collected every time the student interacts with the web application. Clicking on assessments will take the parent to the report. Events to be shown on the timeline are:

  1. Videos watched
  2. Assessments Cleared and failed
  3. Levels cleared
  4. Mock Tests taken
  5. Solutions accessed
  6. Questions asked


The Dashboard also provides a snapshot of student's progress with respect to the syllabus. This is a basic strength and weakness report derived from number of attempts (failed or not) by the students for clearing a level and time taken to answer questions.


This is the first and main screen where the students do all the work. In this work area, students can carry out activities such as the following:

  1. Expandable/collapsible syllabus at a glance Subject->Chapter->Topics.
  2. View Lesson for each topic.
  3. Read Topic summary.
  4. Take assessment.
  5. Review Assessment – shows the test questions annotated with correct/incorrect flags and visible solutions.
  6. Single view of lessons cleared/unlocked.


With our Offline support and counseling, you can remain tension free for your children.

In addition to the online internet based learning system, we also realize that it is critical to help the child and provide one-on-one assistance whenever he gets stuck. It becomes critical to guide the student through the syllabus and the various features that WYRA offers. A personalized study plan is critical to the success of the student.

Each student will have a counselor who will be responsible to make sure that he logs in and studies as per the plan given to him. There will be weekly or fortnightly telephone calls/reminders to the student in case there is a deviation from the study plan. Moreover the counselors will escalate issues to the Parents whenever there is need. This is like a wake up call to the parents to ensure that rtheir children are put back on track to improve their performance.

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