Wyra Learning Process

We believe that each student has to follow a very customized and thorough structured approach. We follow a 3-step learning approach for an improved performance of the student.

Step 1 - Customized approach for the student

Our program is structured to help students study smart instead of hard. We achieve this by fine-tuning our study material to individual study habits and practices and redirecting them to focus on identified weak spots

For this, the child is first directed to a diagnostic test on any topic. Based on his/her performance on that test, the student is assigned a particular level i.e. Level 0, Level 1 or Level 2. Students are then upgraded from one level to another using online videos, revision notes and mock tests until they display proficiency at the highest level(L2).

Step 2 - Personal guidance

The Student Counsellor is an important part of our education portal's learning program. Our counselors design a personalized study plan for the student and resolve any issues that arise while using Wyra's product. The counselors regularly speak to the students and provide them feedback on their performance on mock tests and suggest their next steps. They also regularly inform the parents about their kids performance.

Step 3 - Close the learning loop by empowering the parent

Wyra empowers parents with extensive information about their child's performance. Parents can use the parent dashboard anytime, anywhere to check the progress of their children through detailed reports and activity timeline. Further, we send instant SMS and Email to the parents in case their child doesn't login for a certain period or if their child fails in a particular test. In case you miss this critical information, our student counselors call the parents on a regular basis and provide them thorough information about their child.

Welcome to Wyra. A new way of learning !

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