Wyra Study Material

Wyra's education portal offers exhaustive study material for class 3 to 10 that helps kids to study smart. Our study material consists of

  • Concept wise break up chapters
  • Animated Videos with real-life examples
  • Revision notes/Topic notes that helps kids to revise faster
  • Mock tests and Online assessments
  • NCERT solutions and textbook solutions for class 6 to 10

Over 1 lakh students across more than 30 renowned schools like Delhi Public School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Gyan Bharti school etc. have benefited from our study material. Our subject experts from various top-notch schools have designed this material after extensive research that helps students study in an easy and fun manner. Our pedagogical approach provides an additional edge to students and focusses on providing customized study material.

End result: Students understand easily, find studies interesting, remember for a longer time, revise faster, save time thereby score more marks. Check out the FULL Content below OR

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